Everything can't be for everyone.
Sometimes, we just need our own spot to have our work...our vision...our voices...


...because it's about damn time.

*bots, bigots, bros, & Beckys need not apply.

OCTOBER 1, 2017:
I set out to do what many considered impossible:
Build 3 competitive, scalable, enterprise-level social applications; competing against tech giants Twitter/Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram...in 4 months...by myself.

FEBRUARY 15, 2018:
I'm sorry, what was "impossible" again?

Adrian C. Jackson
Founder - Amplifyed
From Twitter & Facebook to...


Coming February 15, 2018.

From YouTube to...


Coming February 15, 2018.

From Instagram to...


Coming February 15, 2018.

Thankful for those who walked before me & paved my way for this opportunity.
Grateful to those who walked with me on this journey.
Anxious to see those after me use what I've contributed to move the baton forward.

I may have done the work, but it's not about me.
It's about something greater than me...We.